security light installation in Martinsville Indiana

Outdoor and Motion Lighting

Outdoor and Motion Lighting Installation Martinsville, IN  & Surrounding area

Ensure that your business is safe and secure by installing quality security systems and motion detection light switches. Motion detection light switches are devices that automatically turn lights on when sensors connected to them detect movement, such as a person walking through an office or a vehicle approaching a building. They also turn lights off when there is no movement. A commercial entity that uses motion detection light switches can save money on electric utility bills, as well as improve safety and security on the premises.

A darkened building or section of a building could be an attractive target to vandals or thieves, but motion detection light switches will detect their movement. Security guards will see a light suddenly turning on in an office window or hallways as they patrol or peer through security surveillance cameras, alerting them to the presence of possible unauthorized visitors.

Having motion lighting for your office building or enterprise is important to your business. That’s the reason why it is important to choose a trusted  company like Live Wire Consulting to take care of your electrical needs.

You can also rely on us for quality indoor and outdoor lighting system installations in Martinsville & Surrounding Areas. All materials we install are backed by a 1-year warranty. Our electricians are certified, licensed and insured for your protection.

In addition to the commercial electrical work that we provide throughout Martinsville, IN & surrounding  area, we also offer other electrical services for all different types of businesses. We can be contracted to work on new construction projects, and we provide repair services and new installations for existing businesses. Our technicians are highly skilled professionals who take a great deal of pride in the work that they do, and we know that there is time sensitivity involved. We do things right, but we work efficiently so we can keep downtime to a minimum. Quality electrician work is our top priority, but we also do everything possible to keep our prices affordable:

  • Additional Outlet Installation
  • Panel Replacement
  • Lighting Fixture & Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair
  • Generator Installation & Service
  • Phone, Cable, & Wiring Upgrades
  • Home Automation System
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Repair/Replacement
  • Electrical Wiring Upgrades
  • Service Upgrades and Replacement
  • Ballast and Lamp Replacement
  • Phone and Cable Wiring
  • Voice and Data Wiring
  • Surge Protection
  • Emergency Electrician Service